Collision Course: A Compelling New Novel by Joe Broadmeadow

Ambition, Politics, Murder

Elements in the tragic collision of two lives.
Anthony ‘JoJo’ Machado, decorated Marine combat veteran and Detective Sergeant Josh Williams, East Providence Police Department

Two men inextricably linked by circumstances beyond their control.

One will die.
One will face the loss of everything he holds dear.

Collision Course is the riveting story of blind political ambition trampling truth. US Attorney Robert Collucci, candidate for the US Senate, will stop at nothing to succeed, using the rage of racial inequality to fuel his quest for power.

Williams and Machado are pawns in this game of politics.

There is only one person standing between the truth and the power of the government. A sarcastic, misogynistic, former Green Beret, defense lawyer named Harrison “Hawk” Bennett, who risks his career to set things right.

Available October 27, 2014 on Amazon 


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