Fateful Numbers

Numbers carry meaning guided by the whims of the Fates. In everyone’s life, numbers represent many things. They mark milestones, enrich our memories, and delineate our stages of life.

As a young boy, my father was a Trooper with the Rhode Island State Police. He was #24. This number played out in a mostly positive way throughout my youth.  The plate on our car was JB24. I was  born when my father was 24 years old.  I wore the number 24 on sports uniforms for my stellar, if all-too-brief, athletic career.

To me, 24 was a positive number in more than a mathematical context.

Yet this same number 24 represents the worst of humanity 

This is a marker for barracks #24 at the Concentration Camp in Dachau Germany. To those thousands of prisoners who died here, this number was a reminder of the terror and depravity humans are capable of inflicting on their fellow humans. Dehumanizing those we perceive as different makes such things possible.

It is important we never forget.

Such things can happen when normally rational people allow irrationality and prejudice to rule their thoughts. Or when we allow fear and ignorance to direct our actions toward our fellow man.

Remember this happened in a modern world with the tacit consent or willful ignorance of human beings just like us.

There is little difference in a wall to keep people out or in, and little difference in rationalizing the need for such walls.


Excerpt from Silenced Justice: Second in the Josh Williams Series


Darnel Grey was an angry man.

Walking from the parking lot of the Shell Station, he wondered how he was going to tell his wife he’d lost another job.

Not that he had much choice in the matter. She’d probably already heard.

He needed to learn to control his temper. Rage had cost him a great deal. No matter how tough you were, there was always someone tougher. He had never learned that lesson. It might cost him his life someday.

But the nightmares that haunted him wouldn’t go away. The sounds of the war echoed loudly in his head, robbing him of sleep.

No one understood.

All they saw was an angry black man.

Darnel Grey was an angry man, with a good reason.

Chapter 1

No Good Deed

As East Providence Detective Lieutenant Josh Williams walked into his office, the phone started ringing. Christ, I haven’t even had coffee yet. Bad sign. He thought

“SIU, Lieutenant Williams.”

“Big freaking deal.”

“Hey Cheeks. How are you? To what do I attribute the honor of this call?”

Josh Williams listened as his former boss, retired Detective Lieutenant Chris “Swiss Cheeks” Hamlin laughed on the other end of the line.

“Can I buy you a drink after work? Or, more accurately, once you leave the PD after pretending to do something all day.”

“Oh, shit,” Josh replied, “this is going to cost me way more than a drink, isn’t it? I’ve gotta pay attention to caller ID.”

“Now, now, my former protege. Have I ever steered you wrong?”

“Really?” Josh replied. “I think I can forgo that answer.”

“I kept you out of prison.”

“Well, to be completely accurate, you pointed me towards an attorney that did that. But I won’t argue semantics. Where will you be gracing me with your presence?”

“How about Amsterdam’s on South Main?”

Oh Christ, this is bad. Really bad. Josh thought. “Should I bring a fake passport and unnumbered weapons?”

“Nothing of the like. Just looking for a little help.” Chris answered. “Not to worry.”

“Remember what Chief Brennan always told us about those three words?”

“Oh, yeah. Okay. Only a slight worry.” Chris added. “See you there.”

Collision Course Sales are Moving Up!

Thanks to all my friends and family, the sales of my book Collision Course are climbing.


I appreciate everyone who has bought and read the book.

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Collision Course: A Compelling New Novel by Joe Broadmeadow

Ambition, Politics, Murder

Elements in the tragic collision of two lives.
Anthony ‘JoJo’ Machado, decorated Marine combat veteran and Detective Sergeant Josh Williams, East Providence Police Department

Two men inextricably linked by circumstances beyond their control.

One will die.
One will face the loss of everything he holds dear.

Collision Course is the riveting story of blind political ambition trampling truth. US Attorney Robert Collucci, candidate for the US Senate, will stop at nothing to succeed, using the rage of racial inequality to fuel his quest for power.

Williams and Machado are pawns in this game of politics.

There is only one person standing between the truth and the power of the government. A sarcastic, misogynistic, former Green Beret, defense lawyer named Harrison “Hawk” Bennett, who risks his career to set things right.

Available October 27, 2014 on Amazon